“Brenda and I met when I was on the board of The Trust for Public Land and she was the lead staff person for the board committee responsible for the approval of The Trust for Public Land’s major projects, which met monthly. Her clear-minded leadership reflected a remarkable capacity and an unfailing competence that was enhanced by her extraordinary commitment to high-quality project outcomes. I trust her judgment and have confidence in her insight. She is an amazing person who inspires loyalty and appreciation.”

— Lex Sant, President, The Summit Foundation

“Brenda brings a common-sense, professional approach to every project, and she can work both at the higher, political levels of a project or get into the details at the local level when needed. She keeps working to find solutions on complicated projects, which require consensus and sometimes compromise between parties with opposing interests. Her style is very disarming and collaborative, and she has been a trustworthy partner for over 10 years.”

— Bill Calton, VP, Real Estate, Weyerhaeuser

“I had the pleasure of working quite closely with Brenda for over 10 years . Brenda has a deep commitment to conservation. She led our land protection efforts and played an integral role in the success of our mission delivery during her tenure. Brenda is someone who knows words and actions matter and leads with integrity. She is thoughtful, strategic, and collaborative. Brenda’s ability to really listen, genuine respect for people, and keen intellect enables her to develop creative paths to address the needs of landowners, funders, government agencies, and other nonprofit partners.”

— Maggie Madden, Associate General Counsel, The Trust for Public Land (former TPL colleague)

We first became acquainted with Brenda in 2004 when she was instrumental in helping a group of Oregon ranchers form the Oregon Rangeland Trust (now the Northwest Rangeland Trust). Brenda’s experience and expertise was invaluable as she helped our family craft a conservation easement document that allows us to continue a viable cattle operation while assuring that our Oregon ranch will remain a working landscape in perpetuity.  She has the ability to understand the individual needs and desires of those who wish to conserve their private property and the experience for working with agencies, entities and funders who may become involved in the process.

— Jack and Beverly Sparrowk, Landowners, Sparrowk Livestock

“We hired Brenda on multiple projects to assist with complicated land and environmental opportunities. Her depth of understanding, resources, integrity, and mindful guidance has been remarkable. I look forward to our successful completion of current endeavors as well as many more in the future.”

— Pete Johnson, Associate Broker, Land Advisors

“Brenda’s thoughtful approach to engaging rural landowners in conservation stewardship on large ranches led to the first working landscape easement in Oregon. Her creative and strategic thinking led to innovative solutions that worked for all funding and implementation partners. She is a joy to work with, a great listener, and brings integrity to all aspects of her work.”

— Krystyna U. Wolniakowski, Executive Director, Columbia River Gorge Commission, Former Western Regional Director, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

“Brenda and I met through her efforts to support training and education at the Trust for Public Land and for the Urban Land Institute. Seeing Brenda with one of her teams or in a classroom setting is to see someone dedicated to ‘getting things right’ and helping everyone in the room improve. Her dedication to and experience with natural resources brings a combination of warmth and rigor to each session. I so enjoyed working with her.”

— Brooks Mendell, Ph.D, President & CEO, Forisk Consulting

“It is truly a pleasure to work with Brenda. She has an extraordinary passion for conservation and the practicality and insights to make it happen. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of complex and sophisticated real estate transactions. Best of all she is able and willing to explain these complex transactions in a way that anyone can understand and help bring dreams to a reality.”

— Cindy Scherer, Chief Financial Officer, Public Policy Institute of California (former TPL colleague)

“Through nearly 20 years working together to protect hundreds of thousands of acres across the nation, I can tell you from personal experience that no one surpasses Brenda in skill, determination and heart when it comes to land conservation. She is laser-focused and possesses clarity of action that never fails to advance a thoughtful strategy, all while balancing a portfolio of corporate, nonprofit and public agency projects and relationships. She is also a strong leader and a trusted teammate who works alongside you to solve problems, not just identify them.”

— Kathy DeCoster, Vice President, Federal Affairs, The Trust for Public Land (former TPL colleague)

“I worked with Brenda for well over a decade, I am continually impressed with her skills, knowledge and commitment to protecting our most valuable natural resources. She is organized, thoughtful, and driven by positive results.  Her leadership in bringing together partners, landowners, and colleagues resulted in the permanent conservation of significant community, regional, and national assets for our benefit, and for the benefit of future generations.”

— Rodger Krussman, Director of Field Operations for Land Protection, The Trust for Public Land (former TPL colleague)

“I also appreciated how honest and sincere you were. I’ve heard many speakers over the last few months talk about the highest of highs without ever speaking about difficult moments. Your willingness to discuss challenging times was inspiring, and I’m very grateful to you for sharing openly with us.”

— Brooks Lamb, Masters of Environmental Science Candidate, 2021 Yale School of Forestry